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Clаudio Meireles

Clаudio Meireles

Digital entrepreneur & Brand strategist


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Young aspiring digital entrepreneur, global citizen and avid networker or as I prefer I am a Startup Warrior.

Currently under the EU program erasmus for young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, building a brand platform about "Bulgaria for foreigners"​ and developing a photo-sharing app to connect and share with people nearby.

Organizing Startup Warriors conference with Sofia University, happening in Sofia 6/7 October 2015 with the goal of inspiring young students/entrepreneurs to develop themselves as entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial spirit/skills.

I'm born to work with startups with a great culture.
Embrace challenges and to draw new and interesting ways of solving them. I am eager to learn and experience new things and share knowledge with others.
I'm always open to collaborate and be evolved with entrepreneurs and local startup ecosystem.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Startup grow, Business strategy, Brand strategy, Social Media Marketing, Negotiation and partnerships, Public speaking.

Be a Warrior and contact me !

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