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Daniel Ramamoorthy

Daniel Ramamoorthy

CEO and Co-Founder Treehouse | Government & Startup Advisor | Investment Consultant


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Daniel is an entrepreneur, business strategist, investment consultant, and adviser to both not-for-profits and for-profits. As the son of an Indian diplomat, he draws his experience from being a global citizen growing up in 10 countries around the world. His vast work experience includes bootstrapping the largest Christmas party in India, working for the UN in Indonesia, consulting with KPMG in UAE, advising the Irish government towards a National Policy on Entrepreneurship and mentoring, investing, and partnering with 100s of startups on 5 continents around the world. 


Talk to me if you are:

  • An entrepreneur needing mentoring in idea/business development, team dynamics, fundraising, etc
  • A startup wanting to expand into new territories especially Europe, Africa and Asia
  • An investor trying to validate a business plan or looking for for new investment opportunities
  • A multinational looking for partnerships, advise on better customer engagement, or support in expanding into Europe


Hourly Rate: $20/hr

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