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Jonathan Viar

Jonathan Viar

Executive & Entrepreneur Coaching


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Thanks for visiting. My name is Jonathan, welcome to my Mentor’s profile.

Professional from the Entrepreneur & Stratup Consulting sector, mainly focused on:


Consulting on funding alternatives for Entrepreneurs, Stratups & SMEs.

Business plan design. Financial Snapshot/Cash flow projection.

* The objectives are to inform the entrepreneur about the current funding options available & to train the entrepreneur on how to design business plans to approach potential investors.



Individual sessions for executives, designed to accompany experiential processes to incorporate team leadership skills, strategic alignment and prospective. Group sessions for teams.

* The goal is to achieve organizational results through the strategic alignment of the efforts of the team members towards the goals of the organization.



Individual sessions to develop personal leadership, and incorporate skills and tools of communication, negotiation and personal strategy. A support space to overcome the emotional cycles of the entrepreneurial activity & An accountability instance during the learning processes to ensure results, in the context of a goal-oriented conversation.

* The objective is to develop the potential of each individual to expand his personal power and influence in its environment.



Design, implementation and refinement of action plans to achieve results, contemplating the possible scenarios and the most likely consequences of each one, in the current context of the person.

Strategic alliances and business relationships.

* The goal is the expansion of activity, adding value to the environment and increasing its influence, while generating economic benefits for its operations and growth.



Professional with experience in the fields of administration, finance and logistics in the sector of Food & Beverages services.
Consulting for Entrepreneurs & SMEs in matters of strategic planning and business plan design.Financial markets technical analysis, fundamental analysis and market research. Stock & Cryptocurrencies online trading platforms. e-Commerce. Auction management. Online metrics measurement tools. Product development. Social Network Optimization.
Coaching Sessions for Executives & Entrepreneurs
+ Strategy & Negotiation Resources
Coaching Sessions for Artists
+ Creativity, Communication & PNL Resources


For more information, you can check my LinkedIn Profile, as well as my Website using the social media buttons at the top of the profile.


Internationally Certified Coach (ICP & ICF)


Argentine resident. European & Argentine citizen. Spanish native & English bilingual.


Thank you for your time so far, feel free to contact me if you think I can add value to your business and we’ll address a Skype call to see if we are a good fit. 

Looking forward to it!

Jonathan Viar

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