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Announcing a New Area Representative: Archit Garg, India


Just as nature blossoms in the spring by manifesting its most vibrant colours so do our official representatives!

We are glad to present and welcome Arhit Garg who is the second member of Cadia Startup Exchange’s official representation team in India.

Archit Garg has achieved his Masters in International Management from University of Exeter,UK (Exeter Business School is a premier Business School in entire UK). After his post graduation, he joined his family business. Growing up in a family business environment, he was always influenced by its ever-growing demands and challenges presented particularly for medium scale enterprises. To face these challenges and help grow the business globally is one of his favourite area.

He is also Student Ambassador of University of Exeter for India where he is doing a fantastic job by connecting all Exeter alumni living in New Delhi. Archit is a young entrepreneur by passion and he is open to new opportunities and business collaborations with startups and other fellows. He always creates fun in his work and this makes him a friendly person.

As an Official Representative in India, he is open to explore new opportunities and build business collaborations with startups, entrepreneurs and investors from the region.

Cadia Startup Exchange is innovative equity crowdfunding platform with the first in the world secondary market for startups, small & medium-sized enterprises and investors. By bringing innovation to the equity crowdfunding model Cadia Startup Exchange with the local business expertise of Archit Garg opens up the platform to open-minded entrepreneurs of India.


If you are an Indian resident feel free to contact our local official representatives:


  • Archit Garg: archit.garg@cadiase.com
  • Najaf Ahmad: najaf.ahmad@cadiase.com


Cadia Startup Exchange continues to accept applications for the role of an official representatives worldwide. If you wish to apply for the position please send your CV or completed LinkedIn profile to info@cadiase.com

  • 24/03/2016

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