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BioFab: The Startup That Saves Lives


It is not an everyday occurrence that one stumbles upon not just an industry disruptive startup, but a startup that can save millions of lives across the world. Please meet BioFab Incthe Peruvian startup company which created the only WORKING bioprinter in the world and aims on making organ transplantation more accessible than ever before.  Since its establishment less than 2 years ago BioFab managed to win Startup Chile, Startup Perú, Startup Health and became a 500 startup. Currently Bio Fab Inc has a 7.2 mmd valuation, 2 patents, a positive sales flow and over 500 customers.

Soon BioFab Inc launches their equity crowdfunding campaign on Cadia Startup Exchange and everyone will be able to support the company’s mission to create the next billion dollar enterprise. BioFab’s shares will be sold under the symbol BIOFA and the company will seek an investment of 2.5millon € by offering 15% equity. To avoid missing out on their crowdfunding round register to their mailing list now.


Who is behind BioFab Inc?

His name is Cesar Loo, a Peruvian serial entrepreneur who so far has managed to build 5 successful business, has 2 millionaire exits and has survived 2 failures.


“Right now I am focused on giving Biofab a billion dollar appraisal over a 2 and half year period, and I am on the right track,“ comments Cesar.

BioFab Inc is also backed by Cesar’s family including his wife who is a medical professional and his father-in-law Ricardo Garcia as the idea came after the tragic loss of a family member to liver cancer in 2003. After long years of waiting for a suitable donor Cesar’s grandmother passed away without having a chance for a life-saving transplantation.


“Eleven years later I still remember her pain,” says Cesar. This unfortunate event in Cesar’s life was the main reason why he asked himself: why not create a technology for printing human organs? This is how BioFab came into being.


What is unique about BioFab?

BioFab created the only working bioprinter in the world which can be used to create human organs for transplantation. In February 2016 were completed the final test of BioPrinter BioFab V.1.x and the first print non-compact organ was produced. BioFab is capable of creating organs such as as cartilage, tissues, esophagus, trachea, bladder, etc. — as long as the organs need only one cellular function and they are not compound. The company can start delivery 2 months past October 2016. The first implant of an organ produced by BioPrinter BioFab V.1.x is scheduled for October 2016.

The current stage of 3D organ bioprinting still does not allow producing complex organs such as livers, for example, because they have several layers and each layer processes different substance. However, turning complex organ bioprinting into reality is within the future development plans of BioFab.


BioFab visits Cadia Startup Exchange Office


BioFab visited Cadia Startup Exchange office in July 2016 to finalize all details around their equity crowdfunding campaign. With such professionalism, determination and expertise for an innovative startup project such as BioFab even the sky is not the limit!


Let’s help BioFab save lives!



  • 15/07/2016

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