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“Business Engineering for Funding and Growth” Webinars have ended with immense success

Cadia Startup Exchange conducted two live training sessions “Business Engineering for Funding & Growth” on September 9 and 10 2015. Guest speakers on the trainings were Peter Kovacs (Co-Founder & Chief Social Evangelist, IseeQ) and Bill Huston (CMO & Co-founder, My Crowd Rocks).

During the trainings were discussed the most painful issues the startups have when facing with the need to additionally fund their business and acquire more investors. The webinars were directed towards the critical financial problems SMEs, Startups and Entrepreneurs face in their journey towards business development and product development. As we all know one of the most critical stages for every business is to have enough funds to function properly. It’s a huge pain for the business owners to look for additional funding and this is often the main reason Startups fail. This is why we at Cadia Startup Exchange strive to continuously educate the broad audience in the Startup field on how to easily acquire the funds they need to keep their businesses alive.

On September 10 was the second edition of the online training “Business Engineering for Funding & Growth” with more than 50 attendees.

Lots of startups and entrepreneur often face the dilemma which way of funding to choose. Since Cadia Startup Exchange is providing the audience with the equity crowdfunding platform that first integrated an automated 24/7 secondary market for trading shares, it is our goal to keep the public updated on the benefits that this way of business funding provides. We are dedicated in bringing out as much information as possible so the people from the business can make the right informed decision when thinking about taking a bank loan, engaging into another way of crowdfunding or choosing the equity based one.

All registrant of the online training "Business Engineering for Funding & Growth” will receive a recording of the webinar so they can repeat it and go through the most important parts once again before taking real action.

Those who didn’t have the chance to join the online sessions should be sure that very soon they will have another chance to participate in such an event. Cadia Startup Exchange prepares new educational content which is going to launch soon!

  • 16/09/2015

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