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Cadia Startup Exchange Welcomes Slovenian Government Officials to its Office in Sofia, Bulgaria


Sofia, Bulgaria. On 2 June 2016 Cadia Startup Exchange’s Founder and CEO Jure Valant had the pleasure to welcome on the company’s premises the official representatives of Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and members of Slovenian Business Delegation. Guests of honour were Mr. Franc But (Directorate for Economic Diplomacy), Mr. Rok Tomšič (Minister Plenipotentiary of Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Budapest) and Ms. Katarina Škerjanec (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia). The representative of the Slovenian Business Delegation was Mr Marjan Molek, Owner of IZOP-K D.O.O.


“Cadia Startup Exchange is a great opportunity for all Slovenian startups and SME's to get funding and to penetrate international markets via equity crowdfunding,” said Jure Valant, Founder & CEO of Cadia Startup Exchange. “CadiaSE is going to be actively involved in the organization of events to help Slovenian entrepreneurs exchange experiences with their Bulgarian colleagues and start global businesses. We are honoured to have Slovenian Government officials visit our office in Sofia to discuss the global business conduct and to have the chance to present our unique business model. We are excited to start cooperation to bring prosperity to the startup and small business ecosystem.”


Slovenian Business Delegation and representatives of Slovenian Ministry of Foreign affairs visited Cadia Startup Exchange office to discuss possible innovative ways for businesses to penetrate international markets and how the equity crowdfunding model with a secondary market in the face of Cadia's platform offers the tools needed to facilitate global business development for both startup businesses and for SMEs.


Mr. But, Mr. Tomšič and Ms. Škerjanec were part of an official delegation with a much broader mission. They accompanied Mr. Karl Erjavec, Slovenian Foreign Minister, whose primary purpose to visit Sofia was the establishment of the Slovenian Consulate in Bulgaria and the discussion of ways to foster the unexplored potential of a stronger economic relationship between the two countries.



About Cadia Startup Exchange

Cadia Startup Exchange is the first ever equity crowdfunding platform with a 24/7 secondary market for startup companies, small & medium-sized enterprises, retail & institutional investors worldwide. CadiaSE took the model of equity crowdfunding to the next level by providing the highest probability for an actual ROI by providing the fully automated stock exchange. It enables startups to provide the needed liquidity to their investors.


  • 06/06/2016

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