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Cadia Startup Exchange and EECA at “Equity-based Crowdfunding: Economic and regulatory challenges ahead” seminar in Paris

European Institute of Financial Regulation in collaboration with European Equity Crowdfunding Association (EECA) invites all interested parties to join the seminar “Equity-based Crowdfunding: Economic and regulatory challenges ahead” on September

Cadia Startup Exchange is invited to participate in the seminar “Equity-based Crowdfunding: Economic and regulatory challenges ahead” on September 28 2015 in Paris. European Institute of Financial Regulation (EIFR) are the organizers of the seminar and they aim to join the forces of industry leaders to lay the foundation of a unified European Framework for equity-based crowdfunding. Cadia Startup Exchange is one of the founding members of the European Equity Crowdfunding Association (EECA) and the only one to have integrated a fully-automated secondary market on its platform.  

The seminar is hosted by leading EU regulatory organs and crowdfunding platforms and associations thus most interested in attending the event are crowdfunding platforms and financial intermediaries for SMEs as well as banks (retail and SME business centers). On the other side are business angels, capital risk and investment funds who have the opportunity to understand the latest trends in European equity crowdfunding amendments. Private banking and financial advisors, incubators and regulatory organs, SME policy makers and stakeholders are welcome to join seminar “Equity-based Crowdfunding: Economic and regulatory challenges ahead”.

The need of a unified regulatory system has been consistently raising since over 300 platforms have appeared in Europe, with a vast variety of different business models. To enable SMEs to access the fundings they need, to protect appropriately investors (retail and more recently institutional ones) and ensure an effective level playing field in Europe, European and national regulators and supervisors must apprehend risks induced by on-line distribution channels and by the specificities of diverse alternative funding schemes (250+ platforms in Europe / 50+ in France), EIFR initiated that meeting.

Different issues need to be addressed to ensure efficient funding of SMEs and investor protection from an equity-based crowdfunding perspective: regulatory frame (MIFID/CRR), information disclosure, secondary market, etc. Since the crowdfunding market is exponentially growing reaching 3 € billion in 2014 it’s of uttermost importance to establish an equal regulation system for the variety of business models.

The event will take place in Paris, France on September 28 2015 (Monday) at Salon Etoile St-Honoré situated at 214 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, France. Attendees are required to make a contribution of €400 and register their attendance on EIFR’s website: Register Here

The managing Director of EIFR, Edouard-François de LENCQUESAING opens the seminar at 8.30 am. One of the first objectives of the event is to report on the progress in creating a unified European Framework. Guest speaker on the topic is Barbara Gabor who is a Policy officer at the European Commission. She will stress out on EU crowdfunding regulations as well as reporting on progress and revealing the contributions of Crowdfunding expert groups. In the second module François-Régis BENOIS will speak about the concerns of the Regulators about Equity Crowdfunding and will discuss the French network in more details.

At 10:30am EECA along with representatives of the largest European equity-based crowdfunding platforms will open up a discussion on the development of the European Crowdfunding Market with detailed information on country market shares. Questions and concerns about the strategic and business challenges in front of the platforms will also be shared with the audience. Full program for the seminar can be found here: Seminar Program

Do not miss the chance to take an active part in the change and join now!

For more information contact EIFR at contact@eifr.eu

  • 12/08/2015

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