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"Innovation in Business Funding" Events Continue in South America

Cadia Starup Exchange visits Chile, Uruguay & Argentina in July 2015

Cadia Startup Exchange continues the event series “Innovation in Business Funding” in three new countries in South America in July 2015 - Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. The goal of the events is to present to the entrepreneurial communities the innovative business funding model and the ways in which it can benefit the local startups scene. All events are Free to attend and registration is required through the online forms. Links to the registration forms are provided below.

The first presentation of the series “Innovation in Business Funding” was held in Lima, Peru in the end of May 2015 hosted by Jure Valant (Founder & CEO) and Roberto Obradovich (Regional Director South America). Guest speaker at the event was the Gonzalo Villaran, Director of UTEC Ventures. Following the success in Peru, Cadia Startup Exchange continues its journey through thse rest of Latin America with the mission to inform, educate and empower startup entrepreneurs. Events’ host will be again Jure Valant and Roberto Obradovich. However, each event is expected to include exciting guest speakers so stay tuned for details!

During the stay in Peru there was a great coverage for the events by leading Peruvian media which presented two interviews with Roberto Obradovich. One of the biggest Peruvian newspaper El Comercio posted an article about the new opportunities Cadia's business model offers to entrepreneurs and investors. Read full article here: Cadia: "Queremos ser una fuente de financiamiento alternativa"

Gestion published a video interview with Mr. Obradovich in which he speaks about the launch of the platform. Watch interview here: Lanzan plataforma para comprar acciones de startups en Internet


Event 1: “Innovation in Business Funding” in Santiago, Chile, Monday, July 13 2015

Entrepreneurs in Chile have proven with their strive for innovation that they accept revolutionary ideas such as Cadia Startup Exchange's business model. You are welcome to join the event by saving your here:

>> Claim Your Spot in Chile Now!


Event 2: “Innovation in Business Funding” in Montevideo, Uruguay, Thursday, July 16 2015

Next stop in South America's journey is visiting the country of Uruguay on July 16 2015. Cadia Startup Exchange leading marketing officer and founder will visit the country on 16th of July. The company's presentation event will be held in the capital city of Montevideo. Registration is now open so everyone is able to save a seat as an early bird and guarantee his attendance. Seating will be limited so all participants are encouraged to register as soon as possible to ensure they receive the best seats available. The company presentation will be aimed towards two main audience groups - investors on the one hand and startup companies and small businesses on the other hand. Both groups will be thoroughly explained what opportunities of business development they have with Cadia Startup Exchange so they can benefit in the best possible way! Registration available below:

>> Claim Your Spot in Uruguay Now!


Event 3: “Innovation in Business Funding” in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Monday, July 20 2015

In just four days the journey continues to the vast country of Argentina where the last company presentation of Cadia Startup Exchange will take place. The team heads straight to the capital Buenos Aires and plans to open the event at 4pm on 20th of July. The events is an amazing chance to boost your business through just sharing your plans with Cadia Startup Exchange's portfolio of investors. The event in Buenos Aires is open for registration. Seating is limited, so don't miss the chance to save your seat below:

>> Claim Your Spot in Argentina Now!


Since equity crowdfunding has been increasing in volume during last few years and now the incredible platform of the company is live and integrated with the fully operational secondary market, the investors and startups will have access to immense benefits that will truly serve in direction of accelerating both business progress and returns of investment so both parties have a strong motivation to participate.

Meet Cadia Startup Exchange team soon in South America!


  • 18/06/2015

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