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Innovation in Business Funding for Startups, SMEs & Investors Presentation in Lima, Peru

Since the crowdfunding way of financially supporting startup businesses and causes is growing each and every day people are looking for even more innovative and efficient ways to fuel their ideas and bring them to life. This is where Cadia Startup Exchange decided to take equity crowdfunding to a whole new level by integrating a 24/7 secondary market allowing every investor and startup entrepreneur to trade their shares.

In order to raise awareness of this new model of startup funding the management of Cadia Startup Exchange organizes two exclusive live events in Lima, Peru on May 27 2015 (Wednesday).

Speaker at at the presentations will be Jure Valant (Founder & CEO). Guest speaker on the morning event for startups and SMEs is going to be Gonzalo Villaran, Ventures Director of UTEC University who will present his views on the positive effects of Cadia’s business model on innovation scene in Peru.

Attendees have the unique opportunity to get first-hand information about the structure of the platform, processes behind the integrated system, understanding of the legal structure and much more. During the Q&A session in the end of the presentations the management of Cadia Startup Exchange will bring light on all open questions.

The first of the events will be exclusively for Startup entrepreneurs and small business owners as it will be focused more on their role on the platform. It starts at 8:00am local time and will take place at Camara Del Comercio De Lima - Av. Giuseppe Garibaldi N 396, Jesus Maria. During the event will also be discussed the numerous benefits for startups and entrepreneurs that Cadia’s business model has to offer and the attendees will be provided with information on the whole process from making a registration on the platform to cashing out on the secondary market. Registrations are free however the seating is limited and is distributed on a first come first serve basis.

The second event Cadia Startup Exchange hosts is on the same day – 27th of May at 1:30pm at Hotel Atton in Lima. It is targeted specifically towards the benefits of the platform for Investors. In details will be explained the Legal framework, Corporate Governance, Accounting & Voting rights after investing. Attendees will also gain understanding on how the processes on the platform are organized (online & offline).

  • 19/11/2015

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