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Roibesso Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Cadia Startup Exchange: Reinventing the Tea Experience

Tea Lovers worldwide beware! Roibesso, a Slovenian startup which plans to reinvest the Tea experience by adding a barista touch, launched a 55k€ equity crowdfunding campaign on Cadia Startup Exchange to fund the growth of its distributional channels.

The coffee sold in coffee shops has seen real innovation and thus a remarkable explosion in popularity in the last few years, partially due to the theatre of the barista art. Major chains like Starbucks have tried to come up with new variations on their traditional teas and coffees to drive new trends but Roibesso finally has the answer. Coffee has the barista touch you cannot make at home, and now, Roibesso have come up with a great tasting tea innovation that consumers will be equally prepared to pay a premium for as it adds the barista experience. Introducing new forms of tea into coffee shops will be the key for their future development, a new source of revenue and ignites the search for a tea revolution.


“The key to Roibesso is the barista touch,” commented Roibesso CEO Kostja Klabjan. “Roibesso bridges the gap in the tea market, giving young people a health conscious artisan tea which is carefully handcrafted by their barista, and crucially, can’t be found anywhere else. It creates an incredible opportunity for a new source of revenue for the coffee shops as well.”

Roibesso was founded in 2010 and since then Kostja Klabjan has developed the product, arranged its manufacturing, and obtained proof of concept through The Trafalgar Hotel in London who have sold the product since October 2013. Early sales have also been made to Nobu restaurant in London, and 4 other hotels in Dubai and Hong Kong. This has created sales of 30k€ to April 2014.

The early sales have demonstrated proof of concept and that the product is welcomed by the consumer. Indications through this early testing of the concept show that 10-20% of the coffee sales in these outlets can be converted to Roibesso Tea products.


In support of its equity crowdfunding campaign Roibesso hold a few Investor events in the region:



Check out Roibesso's equity crowdfunding campaign here. Registered users have access to the compnay's business plan, financial projection and full set of documents provided for investors.

  • 23/06/2016

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