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Cadia Startup Exchange gives a lead to the rest of the world by offering its own shares on its own secondary market. Now you can become a shareholder in the most innovative equity crowdfunding platform in the world.

Cadia Startup Exchange is the world's first equity crowdfunding platform with a 24/7 secondary market for startups, small and medium sized businesses and unaccredited investors.  The platform offers a solution for startup entrepreneurs to gather initial capital for their business and to Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to finance their latest ideas or expansion plans by selling shares of their companies to unaccredited investors worldwide. Cadia Startup Exchange adds to the equity crowdfunding business model a fully operating secondary market allowing businesses to be as close as possible to having a real IPO.
On the platform’s secondary market investors can trade their shares and seek exit and cash out from the investment much earlier than any other competitive business model offers (loans, VC funds, regular equity funding, perks-based equity crowdfunding etc).

Cadia Startup Exchange is the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform with a 24/7 secondary market for startup entrepreneurs, small & medium-sized enterprises and unaccredited investors. We are an online platform that serves as a meeting point for companies seeking funding and unaccredited investors seeking projects to fund.

We know traditional crowdfunding platforms and equity crowdfunding platforms. Traditional crowdfunding platforms give to investors very limited options to get return from startup entrepreneurs’ businesses. 

Generally crowdfunding platforms are structured in such a way that investors are not given the chance to receive in return for their money anything but a small present or cheap service.  

The problem that arises is that, on the one side, people who invest do not get back equity of the company. On the other side, after the end of the crowdfunding campaign most of the startup entrepreneurs end up to their ears in debt because for the collected money they need to give back the promised goods or services. Such a situation can cause immense disruptions to the business. In practice, the founders may need to invest much bigger capital in the business just to be able to satisfy the needs of these who took part in the crowdfunding campaign.

Existing equity crowdfunding platforms give opportunity to the investors to purchase shares of startup entrepreneurs’ company. And this is it. This is the end of the story.  

The most logical questions which appear here are: How to sell this shares to somebody else? How to supervise the startup entrepreneur? How to deal with thousands of shareholders? Who runs their shareholders book?

Cadia Startup Exchange off­ers a solution for startups to gather initial capital for their business and to small & medium-sized enterprises to finance their latest ideas or expansion plans through selling shares of their companies to investors.

Crowdfunding investments are investments in private companies that (as stated above) lack short-term liquidity, unlike public companies listed on stock exchanges. Crowdfunding investments usually come early in a company’s life and, hence, are long-term investments with long-term exit potential.

This is where Cadia Startup Exchange comes in with a game-changing Unique Selling Proposition – to this business model we add a fully operating stock market between the investors on our platform. This allows businesses to be as close as possible to having a real IPO, while the transaction costs for it are far lower than those on any other existing stock exchange. On the platform’s secondary market people who invested in the startups can trade their shares and seek exit and cash out from the investment much earlier than any other competitive business model offers (loans, VC funds, regular equity funding, perks-based equity crowdfunding etc.). The main advantage comes from the fact that investors can exit long before the product or service that the startup develops is ready. This flexibility benefits both sides, but it is available at their own risk of speculation. 

Our specific business field is equity crowdfunding (as seen in green in the table above) – investors will fund startups in exchange for ownership of shares. Crowdfund investing (CFI) is the investment alternative to pledge-based crowdfunding. This term, which describes securities-based equity and debt fundraising through crowdfunding platforms, has recently emerged as an alternative to more traditional funding tools such as bank loans, angel or venture capital (VC) investments for financing entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Projections for the size of the crowdfund investing market range from $40 billion to as much as $300 billion over the coming years depending on the level of enabling regulation adopted by governments.

Modern equity crowdfunding is relatively young; it started in the UK in 2006, spread to the US in 2007 and took off in China in 2009. It is also still small, amounting to around $6 billion in capital origination. Nevertheless, this industry is growing rapidly. There are two main factors contributing to the rapid rise of equity crowdfunding:

  • Technological innovation;
  • The financial crisis of 2008.

As explained, in this model lenders are able to invest online small sums of money in business start-ups by buying an equity stake in their chosen company. They take on the risk of the company failing but look to receive a return in the form of a dividend stream or capital gain. This is similar to buying stock in a start-up company or a SME. The platforms are funded through a fee of a percentage of the amount raised through the platform by the company looking for investment. There is no secondary market available for this type of start-up investment, making equity crowdfunding particularly illiquid. There are very few equity crowdfunding platforms due to the strict regulatory requirements that are in place to regulate public equity offerings.
By law, most platforms can offer this type capital raising to sophisticated investors only (however defined by the jurisdiction they operate under) or to a limited number of individual investors. These investments may also require the drawing up of a prospectus in some jurisdictions.

Cadia Startup Exchange is a unique equity crowdfunding service without existing analogy in the world by far. As the rest of the platforms in the industry we serve as a meeting point for companies and investors. However, we take the process a huge step further by adding a secondary market where additional earnings can be made for businesses and for their shareholders.
  • As crowdfunding is generally a growing segment, Cadia Startup Exchange can ride the wave and win from this early life cycle of the market  
  • Our unique selling proposition can attract early adopters from fields of stock trading, Forex or other areas that have not been before interested in crowdfunding 
  • Having access to numerous startup ideas, we can notice trends for future world business development
  • If we manage to promote our USP enough, we can benefit in the long term of the fact that we are first on the market with this startup stock exchange model
Cadia Startup Exchange is the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform with a secondary market which targets both startup companies and small & medium-sized enterprises. The unique nature of the opportunity Cadia Startup Exchange puts on the table brings innovation to small business financing on a global scale by expanding the crowdfunding business model and taking it to the next level.  

Benefits for Startups:
  • No fees for start
  • Opportunity to reach investors worldwide
  • Unique chance to sell shares of your company
  • Getting financial injection directly to your business
Benefits for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises:
  • Raising additional capital by selling shares of the company
  • Realization future expansion plans
  • Arranging relationships with investors from other crowdfunding platforms
  • Global visibility for your business
  • Opportunity to reach investors worldwide
Benefits for Investors:
  • Secure investment supervised by Financial Conduct Authority
  • Buying and selling shares anytime
  • Monthly accounting & financial reports
  • Dividend payouts in compliance with EU regulations
  • Simple upload/withdraw from the platform
  • Supervisory board for companies into which you invest to guarantee security
Cadia Startup Exchange offers two kinds of services:

1. Entrepreneurs
It is a platform where entrepreneurs can describe and popularize their startup ideas in front of potential investors.

2. Unaccredited Investors
There is a fully automated 24/7 secondary market for unaccredited investors to trade shares of the funded startups and of listed SMEs.
For both these activities Cadia Startup Exchange charges service fees. We are charging a success fee from the collected resources of every completed startup funding. We also charge transaction fees for upload and trading on our platform. These fees are meant to cover our own transaction costs (with banks, accountants, lawyers, etc.) plus a margin for us as a business.

Jure Valant  (Founder & CEO)

Georgia Stoeva (Chief Marketing Officer)

Elena Stefanova (Community Manager)


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  • 02/05/17 11:38

    Cadia + IPO = Win for everyone

    There is a great demand from companies who wish to expand even more for an easier, affordable and faster way of doing IPO. Traditional IPOs take too much time, money and energy to prepare, so that's why Cadia Startup Exchange came up with a solution.We are pleased to announce we have met with 4 emerging companies who all wish to go public and with Cadia they can make this possible!
    The future of IPOs is here.
  • 30/03/17 08:43

    Cadia Monaco Investment Event Was Great!

    March 24th and 25th were special days because we hosted our very first investment event in beautiful Monaco. With over 70 guests on Saturday, presentations from visionary new companies, networking and a performance from world-famous Alan Landry, who was entertaining us, the event was a great success not only for us, but for all that joined us for those 2 days. We are happy we brought together and connected such a diverse group of people, from renowned investors to startups with ambitious ideas, together creating a very positive and forward-looking atmosphere. 

    The event was first of its kind, but definitely not the last so if for whatever reason you couldn’t join us now, be on the lookout for future events just like this one. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!
  • 01/03/17 10:27

    Cadia Startup Exchange Monaco Event

    Exclusive 2-day investment event in prestigious Monaco! From March 24th to 25th Cadia Startup Exchange will host an event, connecting startups with investors, industry leaders and CEOs from all over the world. 
    Learn more here ==> https://www.facebook.com/events/1938992672995476/ and here http://cadiaevents.com/
  • 06/11/16 07:41

    First trades on secondary market!

    History is now, guys! A remarkable milestone was put in the history of equity crowdfunding this week.
    The first ever secondary market trade was made on Cadia Startup Exchange.
    Hop on! We are open 24/7!
  • 15/07/16 13:29

    BioFab: The Startup That Saves Lives

    It is not an everyday occurrence that one stumbles upon not just an industry disruptive startup, but a startup that can save millions of lives across the world. Please meet BioFab Inc – the Peruvian startup company which created the only WORKING bioprinter in the world and aims on making organ transplantation more accessible than ever before.  Since its establishment less than 2 years ago BioFab managed to win Startup Chile, Startup Perú, Startup Health and became a 500 startup.

    Currently Bio Fab Inc has a 7.2 mmd valuation, 2 patents, a positive sales flow and over 500 customers.
    Soon BioFab Inc launches their equity crowdfunding campaign on Cadia Startup Exchange and everyone will be able to support the company’s mission to create the next billion dollar enterprise. BioFab’s shares will be sold under the symbol BIOFA and the company will seek an investment of 2.5millon € by offering 15% equity. To avoid missing out on their crowdfunding round register to their mailing list now.

    BioFab visits Cadia Startup Exchange Office

    BioFab visited Cadia Startup Exchange office in July 2016 to finalize all details around their equity crowdfunding campaign. With such professionalism, determination and expertise for an innovative startup project such as BioFab even the sky is not the limit!


     Let’s help BioFab save lives!    
  • 06/07/16 14:47

    Update on "Zagreb Founder Cafe: Network with Local Entrepreneurs!"

    Yesterday's event in Zagreb was a great success. Cadia Startup Exchange would like to thank Founder Institute Croatia for the invitation and we are looking forward to a fruitful future cooperation.

    Check out pictures from the event in the album "Zagreb Founder Cafe: Network with Local Entrepreneurs!"

    Panelists & Organizers (image above from left to right):
    • Dražen Nikolić, Director, Founder Institute Hrvatska
    • Sandra Švaljek, Independent Member of the Zagreb City Assembly
    • Ivo Špigel, Co-founder, ZIP - Zagrebački Inkubator Poduzetništva
    • Ante Magzan, Co-founder, HUB385
    • Jure Valant, Founder & CEO, Cadia Startup Exchange

  • 05/07/16 14:18

    Jure Valant to Speak at Two Startup Events in Zagreb

    Today, 5 July 2016, Jure Valant was kindly invited to take part in a sequence of two startup events in Zagreb, Croatia. The first event is a panel discussion „Zagreb can enhance its start-up ecosystem“ and starts at 5.00pm at Hostel Swanky Mint. The discussion panel is organized by  Sandra Švaljek, independent member of the Zagreb City Assembly.

    After this at 6.30 pm everyone can head to Swanky Mint Hostel to join “Founder Cafe: Network with Local Entrepreneurs!” – a free networking event organized by Founders Institute where Jure Valant is going to present Cadia Startup Exchange and how the Croatian startup ecosystem can benefit from selling startup shares worldwide.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates or join us straight away if you are in Zagreb today!

  • 30/06/16 11:02

    Roibesso Visits Cadia Startup Exchange

    A very refreshing morning in Cadia Startup Exchange's office thanks to Roibesso! Kostja Klabjan, Roibesso's CEO, whose campaign is Live now was kind enough to treat the whole team with his amazing tea blends!

     Roibesso's campaign has already raised 10% of its funding goal. Check it out here: http://cadiase.com/startup/173/Roibesso-Healthy-Artisan-Tea-with-the
  • 23/06/16 06:48

    Cadia Startup Exchange Partners with Science Technology Park Belgrade

    Belgrade, Serbia. June 15 2016, Wednesday, saw the meeting between Cadia Startup Exchange and the Science Technology Park Belgrade (STP Belgrade). Jure Valant (Founder & CEO, Cadia Startup Exchange) and Stefan Dimic (Official Representative for Serbia, Cadia Startup Exchange) held a presentation in front of the management of the Technology Park in the face of Mrs Gordana Danilović Grković (Head of IT), Mrs Nataša Ćirović (Startup Representative) and members of largest Business Hub & Incubator for Startups in Serbia.

    During the meeting were presented the numerous benefits for the Serbian startups that an equity crowdfunding platform with a secondary market such as Cadia Startup Exchange has to offer in terms of startup financing, reaching investors globally and business development.
    “As it became clear during the meeting, Serbian startups truly need a platform as Cadia Startup Exchange as it is the only way that they will be able to keep a fair equity” said Jure Valant (Founder & CEO, Cadia Startup Exchange). “Moreover, Cadia’s business model is structured in such a way that even with the incorporation of an international holding we strongly support and encourage the startups to keep running their businesses locally via a Serbian daughter company. This allows active contribution to the Serbian economy while at the same time reaching investors globally. Of course, the same model is applicable to any other country in the world.”

    STP Belgrade is a very well-organized and developed business hub with immense potential to support the Serbian startup ecosystem. Cadia Startup Exchange recognizes STP Belgrade as a partner for long-term cooperation with a common mission to further develop the Serbian startup scene.

     Continue reading full article here: Cadia Startup Exchange Partners with Science Technology Park Belgrade

  • 08/06/16 13:35

    Cadia Startup Exchange Welcomes Slovenian Government Officials to its Office in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Representatives of Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs visit Cadia Startup Exchange’s headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria to discuss possible innovative ways for penetrating international markets. Read more
  • 19/04/16 09:59

    Announcing New Office in The Netherlands

    We are glad to share with you the latest news from Cadia Startup Exchange’s official representative in the Netherlands. As of March 16 2016 Jeroen Koudstaal is officially relocated to a new office in The Hague.

  • 19/04/16 09:46

    Announcing a New Area Representatives for Serbia, India & Colombia

    We are thrilled to announce as of the beginning of Spring 2016 Stefan Dimic is representing Cadia Startup Exchange in Serbia, Archit Garg is  our new team member from India and Carlos Jaramillo has taken over the position in Columbia. We would like to welcome them to the team and wish them luck!

    For any local queries please get in touch:

    • Stefan Dimic at stefan.dimic@cadiase.com
    • Archit Garg at archit.garg@cadiase.com
    • Carlos Jaramillo at carlos.jaramillo@cadiase.com

  • 24/11/15 14:12

    Launching CrowdUP Program

    Cadia Startup Exchange has launched a unique program for innovative startup globally - CrowdUP Program in collaboration with Bill Huston and Hekovnik Statrup School.
  • 30/10/15 18:52

    Title III Of JOBS Act: Global Revolution in Equity Crowdfunding

    BREAKING NEWS!!! The SEC promulgated Regulation Crowdfunding to give effect to Title III of the JOBS Act. Private businesses can seek now funding from “retail” investors. This means that everyone can invest in startup shares regardless of their income.
  • 26/10/15 15:20

    Cadia Starup Exchange in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Jeroen Koudstaal, Cadia Startup Exchange's Official Representative for The Netherlands, held Cadia's first networking event in Rotterdam. The meet-up took place on October 12 in Tribes coworking space. Jeroen Koudstaal will continue with events in other cities so stay tuned! Click here for pictures.
  • 21/09/15 19:52

    Cadia Startup Exchange Invited to First International Conference of Crowd Economy

    Cadia Startup Exchange is invited to take part in the First International Conference of Crowd Economy which will be held in “Beijin" hotel in Minsk, Belarus on October 30 2015 and is going to be one of the most influential events in the region this year. 

    Read Full Article here: Cadia Startup Exchange Invited to First International Conference of Crowd Economy

  • 11/09/15 16:19

    “Business Engineering for Funding and Growth” Webinars have ended with immense success

    Cadia Startup Exchange conducted two live training sessions “Business Engineering for Funding & Growth” on September 9 and 10 2015. Guest speaker on the training was Peter Kovacs (Co-Founder & Chief Social Evangelist, IseeQ).
  • 12/08/15 13:16

    Interview with Cadia Startup Exchange for Mexican website eleconomista.com.mx

    The regional director for South America of Cadia Startup Exchange Roberto Obradovich was interviewed for Mexican newspaper el Economista. He shared details about the company's business model and the all the benefits for Startups and entrepreneurs. For the full interview click here.

  • 12/08/15 11:34

    Cadia Startup Exchange and EECA at “Equity-based Crowdfunding: Economic and regulatory challenges ahead” seminar in Paris

    Dear Friends,
    Cadia Startup Exchange has been invited to the Seminar “Equity-based Crowdfunding: Economic and regulatory challenges ahead” as a member of the European Equity Crowdfunding Association.

    The seminar is hosted by leading EU regulatory organs and crowdfunding platforms and associations thus most interested in attending the event are crowdfunding platforms and financial intermediaries for SMEs as well as banks (retail and SME business centers). On the other side are business angels, capital risk and investment funds who have the opportunity to understand the latest trends in European equity crowdfunding amendments. Private banking and financial advisors, incubators and regulatory organs, SME policy makers and stakeholders are welcome to join seminar “Equity-based Crowdfunding: Economic and regulatory challenges ahead”

  • 12/08/15 07:17

    Central European Startup Awards Applications Close Soon

    Only a couple of days left to apply for the prestigious Central European Startup Awards!

    Nominations for the Central European Startup Awards end soon! If you want to apply or recommend someone for the biggest no-pitch, no-conference startup festival in the Central-Eastern European region than the time to do it is now!
    Cadia Startup Exchange has the pleasure to be a partner of the Central European Startup Awards which is a unique award show, committed to advocate and celebrate the startup spirit of the CEE region and to pin the region to the global startup map.  The festival brings together 10 countries, nearly 4.000 startups and their ecosystems for the second time this year.

    Apply today: http://cesawards.com/nominate
    Follow the latest new on CESA on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cesawards
    Get in touch, say hello and get in the conversation on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cesawards
    Press pack: http://centraleuropeanstartupawards.com/press
  • 07/08/15 08:58

    Cadia Startup Exchange attending at Demo Day Startup Chile

    That's a picture taken from the event for Startups and entrepreneurs hosted by Startup Chile. The end of the Demo day brought many positive emotions for the attendees and some of them also were rewarded for their work. Looking forward to developing our new relations and hopefully some of them will also be able to register at our platform!

  • 24/07/15 14:16

    Amazing news - FIRST STARTUP UPLOADED on the platform!

    Оur first clients from the startup Astaxanthin Harvesting Plant have now uploaded their project on our platform.
    They are looking for funds to support them in building a farm for harvesting worlds most powerful antioxidant.
    The crowdfunding campaign is accessible at: 
    Check them out and let's give them a good head start in collecting money towards their goal!

  • 21/07/15 16:08

    Cadia Startup Exchange Goes Public with IPO

    Crowdfunding enthusiasts, venture capitalists, angel investors, and unaccredited investors who are in constant search of exciting new ventures and innovative projects with a high ROI have a new opportunity. The equity crowdfunding platform Cadia Startup Exchange has launched its secondary market campaign and unprecedentedly opened the market for unaccredited investors worldwide. 

    The company officially launched operations at the beginning of 2015 by adding to the equity crowfunding business model a fully-automated secondary market. In this way startup projects and small businesses listed on the platform are enabled to be as close as possible to having a real IPO. Cadia Startup Exchange puts on the table the earliest possible exit from a startup investment as investors can sell their shares any time they find a bid. There are numerous benefits for all parties involved: creating an account is free of charge, free listing for startups, due diligence and careful project valuation, voting rights for investors, protection of investments by proficient supervisors, monthly/quarterly publishing of accounting reports, simple upload and withdrawal of money, 24/7 customer support with live chat and many more.
    You can read more about the extraordinary life event of the company here.

  • 21/07/15 16:01

    Meeting with entrepreneurs, investors and official representatives in Argentina!

    Dear Friends,
    We are delighted to announce that yesterday our management team represented the company in front of the audience in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    All of our guests were thoroughly informed of the benefits our company has to offer and the innovative contributions to making business funding a much smoother process that we are implementing into our business model.
    Don't miss the chance to check out some photos from the event here.
  • 21/07/15 15:57

    Huge interest in our presentation event in Uruguay!

    Dear Friends,
    Just a few days ago entrepreneurs and investors had the chance to meet with our management team in Montevideo, Uruguay!
    During the presentation they discussed the issues of modern business funding and possible solutions with our regional director for South America - Roberto Obradovich and the CEO Jure Valant.
    You can see pictures from the main event HERE.

  • 24/06/15 09:38

    Cadia Startup Exchange Opens Office in Lima

    Following the huge demand from startup entrepreneurs and investors Cadia Startup Exchange opened office in Lima, Peru. Inquiries about listings on the platform skyrocketed after the first presentation of the series “Innovation in Business Funding” was held in Lima, Peru in the end of May 2015 hosted by Jure Valant (Founder & CEO) and Roberto Obradovich (Regional Director South America).

    Guest speaker at the event was Gonzalo Villaran, Director of UTEC Ventures.
    The startup scene in Peru needs a breath of fresh air to trigger the technological development as the Government does not have an implemented development program to support young entrepreneurs with fresh and creative ideas.
    Cadia Startup Exchange offers the opportunity to Peruvians to reach investors worldwide thus funding their projects and growing the business through the most innovative equity crowdfunding platform.Mr. Roberto Obradovich, Regional Director for South America is the head of the office in Lima. All interested parties who wish to learn more about the platform can contact him on ro@cadiase.com
  • 24/06/15 09:35

    Core Cadia Startup Exchange website developer visits office in Sofia

    Cadia Startup Exchange was visited by its main core developer Bojan Mohar at the end of last week. He arrived in Sofia on Friday evening 19.06 to meet with the local administrators and management team and work on improving the customer experience of the users ofwww.cadiase.com.Bojan has a very interesting and solid background in developing online systems since 2002. He is also experienced in PHP, MySQL, Jquery custom systems. Using his IT skills and business and management abilities he has been developing the system of Cadia Startup Exchange from scratch along with the founder of the company Jure Valant. 
    His first words after departing from Sofia were: “It was a very positive experience to me! I find the city very charming and it contributed to gaining new momentum for further development of the Cadia Startup Exchange system.”During his stay he met with the administrators’ team – Alexander, Elena and Svetoslav who have been researching for ways to improve the website functionality and security levels.
    A few minor bugs were discussed from the ones that have been still kept open in the system and both teams made plans on how to resolve them in the safest way so that the customer experience won’t be harmed. Results are that after all the work the security of the system was also improved.Lastly both teams and the management of the company have set up a plan of action how to implement the next few features in the system.
    They still don’t want to reveal much of them because they rely on making it a very positive surprising customer experience. On departure Bojan was very kind to share his overall experience of the city – he was very pleased by Sofia, its urban environment and the customer service in the hotel he was seated. The people from Sofia are already looking forward to his next visit to Bulgaria!
  • 28/05/15 10:24

    Cadia Startup Exchange presents in Lima

  • 28/05/15 10:17

    3 Photos from the exclusive presentation in Lima, Peru.

    The stay of our senior management in Lima, Peru continues today as they had a few hours of rest after the outstanding presentation in front of a large audience yesterday. The visitors were explained the crowdfunding model Cadia Startup Exchange represents and also explained in details about the legal framework, business opportunities for both startups and investors. The CEO of the company Jure Valant responded to the questions of the crowd and all of the visitors were very happy with the platform. Today is a day of follow up meetings and business schedulling so we are staying tuned for more exciting news to come!
  • 27/05/15 12:18

    Cadia Startup Exchange senior management is in Lima, Peru!

    Our team has just arrived to Lima, Peru yesterday and reports are they had an outstanding time so far!
    Jure Valant, CEO of Cadia Holding, Georgia Stoeva, CMO and Roberto Obradovich - regional director for Sout America and Martin Yordanov - Manager of Cadia Yachts have all joined efforts for the company presentations that will happen later today.
    Both presentations are directed towards the opportunities our platform gives to both startups and entrepreneurs on the one side and investors from the other side.
    Most of the seating is occupied and we expect a lot of feedback from the audience.
    This is a huge step towards Cadia's main focus which remains the markets of South America.
    We all hope that the presentations will be a great success and we will receive invitations for participation at other great places in South America.

  • 22/05/15 09:37

    More about the WebSummit 2015 event

    Web Summit will run for three days from November 3-5 in Dublin (RDS). The Night Summit will take place across three famous, distinct districts. More details to follow in the coming months. 
    Web Summit  is the meeting place for the most interesting tech companies across all sectors, stages and geographies. It’s the “Davos for Geeks”. Over a two-day programme of networking, learning and storytelling, the world’s most cutting-edge startups, the most experienced investors and the most exciting speakers will mingle and connect in Dublin.
    We are sending four representatives at the event and hopefully we will take the best of it so its most beneficial as it can get.
    The event is really helpful to startups and investors as well as both parties have the chance to meet in person and discuss future possibilities.
    Investor attendees come from a range of backgrounds, have a variety of operating styles and differing primary purposes for attendances. Deal flow. Helping current portfolio. Media exposure. Speaking with corporate acquisition teams. Meeting limited partners. We work to ensure each objective is looked after.
    The WebSummit team have also developed a special application to allow much easier connection between startups, speakers and investors since the area of the event is really large and not always live meetings and presentations will be available. That way communication may continue flawlessly. Cadia Startup Exchange team will be looking to establish new relations with possible investors in the company and it's secondary market as well as attractive startups who are looking for an option to fund their future success. We are totally aware of the countless options investors will look since some of them sponsor. Some speak. Some are looking to deploy funds. Some are looking for funds to deploy. No matter what we will work with each other to make sure they get the maximum return from their time at the event stages.
    Speakers at the event will be more than 800 and those are one of the greatest influencers worldwide. Celebrity names include the Vice President of Facebook Dan Rose, Ed Catmull - president of Pixar, Drew Houston from Dropbox and many many more to attract the attention of both startup businesses and investors.
    Let us share some of the numbers such as attendees per year:
    • 2010 - 400 attendees
    • 2011 - 1000
    • 2012 - 3903
    • 2013 - 10 242
    • 2014 - 22 119
    • 2015 - more than 30 000 attendees.

  • 22/05/15 09:36

    Cadia Startup Exchange selected to attend at WebSummit 2015!

    It is now official!
    After two weeks of preparations and a long application process we are delighted to announce our success in being selected among startups from all over the world!
    Cadia Startup Exchange has been selected for the Alpha program of the largest Startup event worldwide - WebSummit 2015. This is a huge break through for the company as we are getting enormous exposition at the exhibition stands. Here is just a short summary of the event itself:

  • 06/05/15 11:40

    CadiaSE on a business trip in Russia

    We are excited to announce that the senior management of Cadia StartUp Exchange has headed to a visit in Russia.
    During their stay they are negotiating with various start-up companies and investors from around in order to have a head start in business for the next weeks.
    Stay tuned, because we will keep you updated with the latest info from the business trip as well as pictures and fancy stories and news from the negotiations!
    Catch you up next week!

  • 13/03/15 21:46

    EU Regulations Set To Catch Up With The Rise Of Equity Crowdfunding

    The equity crowdfunding industry has been at the top of the gun for the past two years with a projected market that will be doubling each year in the next decade. This has attracted interest from investors, businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world and now even the institutions are turning their heads.

    In February The European Union published a “Green Paper” on Building a Capital Markets Union for the broader European community.  The ambitious goals are laudable but the challenge is high. While in the United States, and other countries around the globe, SME’s are the engine of growth.  The report states that in comparison to the United States, medium sized companies received five times more funding than in the EU.  This is a profound problem and is indicative of a broken capital markets and equity culture. In presentation delivered in December of last year Dr. Christian Katz, CEO of Six Swiss Exchange, stated that “Europe faces a funding gap of € 2 trillion by 2020” highlighting a challenge as equity markets are not good at funding SME’s.

    Compared to much of the world Europe is still largely dependent upon banks for funding but they have not been immune to growing regulatory impediments to actively innovating to provide the capital necessary to fuel economic growth.

    The Green Paper is a part of a three month consultation that seeks feedback from all stakeholders. From politicians to those who work in the capital markets (including the entrepreneurs that want to innovate finance), the EU is asking for input. The net result is described as plan to incorporate a Capital Markets Union by 2019.

    CadiaSE, as founding member of the European Equity Crowdfunding Association, is taking active part in this activity. All members of the EECA were invited to produce a number of recommendations and directions for the EU in order to direct their efforts in a way that will benefit all sides. This will happen in a series of meetings and conferences in the next two months.

    Currently, equity crowdfunding platforms are pioneers in their area and are often hindered by walls of regulations that were never designed to control such type of innovative activity. This is set to change in the coming years and CadiaSE is proud to be a part of this process.

    We will keep all our stakeholders updated on what’s going on in this dialogue between the EU regulatory organs and the business. This is a monumental step for our industry so stay tuned!

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